Crocodile Printing & Signs and our Triumphant Return to Social Media

Crocodile Printing & Signs is a Printing House and Design Shop.  Our Production Plant is based in Sudbury, Ontario.  We specialize in large signage and have the large scale printing equipment and staff expertise to handle any size job for any kind of printing project.

Crocodile Printing & Signs is one of Sudbury’s Institutions.  It has been operating for as long as I can remember.  I may have just started here a few weeks ago, but the shop has been here for most of my life and I personally know dozens upon dozens of individuals and organizations I’ve worked with who have had nothing but Amazing things to say about the Crocodile Printing & Signs staff and the work that comes off the presses downstairs everyday.

My name is Kipp Grose and I’m the new Business Development Manager over here at Crocodile Printing & Signs.   Now that we’re acquainted, let me tell you a quick story.

We are re-firing our Social Media engines.  We are launching a new website tomorrow.  We are interested in the work you are doing.   We are helping our customers PROMOTE the events and brands that you come to us for signage and marketing materials for.  I like to think part of my responsibilities here are not only to Crocodile Printing & Signs, but to the community I live in and the organizations we support.  We live here, have families to feed and life situations just like you.  If you are doing something for a good cause, we will be very interested in what you are doing and would like to help you with it and promote it as much as we can through our online audience at Crocodile Press.

As this is only my first blog post as the new Business Development Manager for Crocodile Press, I’ll keep it brief.   I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you to watch out for our new website on Tuesday.  Keep your eyes and ears open over the next few weeks and we promise keep you entertained at the very least – and win you over as a new customer with our charm at the very best.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!  Feel free to drop by our website anytime at and hit me up on the chat button at the bottom to speak with me or one of my co-workers about your project, we’d love to help.

Kipp Grose
Business Development Manager
Crocodile Printing & Signs
(705) 671-1525